Who We Are

Starcross Youth Performing Arts is a registered 501c3 Non-Profit family of performance ensembles based in the Allentown, PA area. With three performance ensembles, including two indoor Color Guards and an Indoor Percussion Ensemble, the Starcross family was over 30 members strong for the 2019 season.

As Starcross prepares for the 2020 Season, we're embarking on our 11th Year of competition. In 2019 the ensembles participated in a number of local competitive circuits including MAIN, Tournament Indoor Association (TIA) and Calvalcade Indoor Association. We were also proud to expand our participation to the Winter Guard International (WGI) Circuit. In the 2020 season Polaris is excited to make our first appearance as an A class unit in Dayton, Ohio!

Starcross believes in providing our members with the opportunity to participate in the indoor marching arts activities at a reasonable cost. Over the last ten years, the cost to participate in independent Drum Corps or Indoor marching ensembles has skyrocketed. Our staff have a deep history in the activity and are 100% volunteer to keep costs under control for our members. We run multiple fundraisers throughout the course of the year that have allowed our members to fully fund their experience in the past. In order to develop the program, we're always looking for donors and benefactors. Please feel free to make contributions through the link below. All donations are tax-deductible. 

Our Sponsors

We would like to express our gratitude to the following sponsors who have  given so generously to our organization:

  • Jim and Janice Smith

  • Nick Fox

  • Gas Works of Frazier

  • General Insulation

  • Bridesburg Foundry

  • Duggan & Marcon

  • Eastern Exterior Wall Systems

  • EEWS Panel Shop

  • Legacy 360 Financial LLC

  • Bradford & Young, DMD

  • Copperhead Grill

  • Financial Strategies & Designs, inc

  • Ferrara's Pizzeria

We owe the success of our organization to your support.  Thank you for recognizing our members' hard work and dedication.




  • Polaris Independent A

    • TIA Region 2 A Class Champions

    • ​TIA Finalist - 3rd (84.48)​

    • Main Finalist - 3rd (84.91)

    • WGI South Brunswick - 2nd (75.92)

  • Vega Independent Regional A

    • Main Finalist - 3rd (81.87)​

    • TIA Region 2 Silver Medalists

  • Percussion Independent A

    • WGI Finalist - 2nd Place

    • TIA Region 2 A Class Champions



  • Polaris

    • Cavalcade (IRA)​ Champions (83.85)​​

    • TIA Region 2 Silver Medalists

  • Vega

    • Cavalcade (Novice) Champions (86.46)​

    • TIA Region 2 Champions

  • Percussion (IAS)

    • TIA IAS Finalist - 2nd (85.70)

    • TIA Region 2 Champions​


  • Polaris (Regional A)

    • TIA Finalist - 3rd (92.06)

    • TIA Region 2 Champion​s

  • Vega (Junior)

    • TIA Finalist - 2nd (82.43)

    • TIA Region 2 Champions

  • Percussion​ (IAS)

    • TIA Region 2 Champion​s