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A Class

Polaris is an A level marching unit that offers quality education in body, dance and equipment for men and woman ages 15 to 22. Polaris competes every year from November through May.

Achievements and Awards

2024 Polaris Staff

Jen Dinbokowitz, Executive Director

Victoria Smith, Director and Design

Rachael Noone, Instructor

Vicki Noone, Instructor

Amanda Martin, Instructor

Terry Walter, Dance Tech and Seamstress

Robert Tocci, Drill Design

2023 MAIN Championship Finalist - 2nd

2023 TIA Region 2 Champions

2022 MAIN Championship Finalist - 2nd

2022 TIA Championship Finalist -3rd

2019 WGI Regional Finalist - 2nd

2019 MAIN Championship Finalist - 2nd

2019 TIA Championship Finalist -3rd

2018 Cavalcade Champions

2017 TIA Finalist - 3rd (92.06)

2017 TIA Region 2 Champions

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